Taxpayer Representation

Bottle Cap Bookkeeping offers representation services to both individuals and businesses through Rachel’s Enrolled Agent designation.

Getting a letter from the IRS can be pretty terrifying, but it’s important to know you do not have to navigate the tax system alone.

There are three types of professionals who are permitted to represent individuals and businesses before the IRS and other taxing authorities (like a state department of revenue or unemployment division):

  1. Enrolled Agents
  2. Certified Public Accountants
  3. Attorneys

Of the three options, an Enrolled Agent can often offer you the best value and specific tax expertise. CPAs and attorneys have a much broader scope of practice including many matters well outside of taxes, while an Enrolled Agent is 100% focused on tax matters. Further, Enrolled Agents are the only professionals who credentials are directly granted and controlled by the IRS itself, thereby giving EAs federal representation authority in all 50 states. (CPAs and attorneys are certified and granted their credentials at the state level only.)

Click here to learn more about Enrolled Agents.


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