Financial Advising

In school we’re taught how to do things like solve an algebraic equation, understand major historical events and memorize elements on the Periodic Table. But have you ever wondered why we’re almost never taught how to plan a budget, shop for a mortgage or manage our debt and credit score?

I personally believe the reason we are rarely taught financial literacy is that it is in many (very large, very powerful) companies’ best interest that we don’t understand our own finances. If we don’t full understand the impact of debt, we’ll be more likely to sign up for that credit card in college. If we don’t know our options when financing a large purchase, we’re more likely to pick the high-interest loan, lining the pockets of corporations that maximize their profits by taking advantage of consumers. That’s why it’s so important we arm ourselves with financial knowledge.

If you are struggling with debt, finding it hard to stick to a budget or just don’t feel in control of your finances, I can help. I use the concept of value-based goal setting to ensure that whatever financial road you take, it is consistent with your own personal values and helps you reach your own personal goals. Personal finance is not a one-size-fits-all topic, and my ultimate goal is to arm you with a plan that makes you feel empowered and confident about your financial situation.

Both in-person and virtual sessions are available, and both one-time budget setup meetings and ongoing accountability sessions are available. Contact me for more information.


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